The Nirmala Project

Music that purifies and elevates

Om Namaste! - by The Nirmala Project
Ronald Subkus: composition, voice, harmonium | Tatiana Samoilowa: female voice, female voice composition
Malte Raff: mixing & mastering, arrangements, guitar, bass  | Sia Reddy: violin, composition of violin parts
Grafic Design:
Based on a photograph of the wonderful Ganesha Art of Brigitte Saugstadt!
All copyrights is with Pure Joy Records Vienna

The Inner Reality 


Inside every human being exists a subtle system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) which looks after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being. Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can be awaked by the power of the Kundalini, our inner spiritual mother.

This process helps us to realize and become our higher self: the Atman or Spirit.

The Nirmala Project


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) granted spiritual liberation and awakening of the Kundalini, free of charge, for more than 40 years. Travelling the world literally a thousand times, she touched the hearts and lives of millions. With this music project we humbly thank Shri Mataji, our spiritual mother, for her tremendous work.

The Meaning of Nirmala

The subtle system of chakras and nadis needs cleansing and balance in order to achieve (and later) to maintain the connection to our Atman.

Nirmala means "pure" or "spotless" which is the ultimate mantra to guide this process.

Do start your own journey to purify your subtle system and to achieve this spontaneous union which is called Sahaja Yoga.

Here are two great websites to start right away:

Music & Spirituality

Music that taps into the Param-Atma, the divine source of life, has a profound effect on the listener. 

It elevates you spiritually and greatly helps to relax your system of chakras and nadis.

We humbly hope to have achieved that with this song.


Do enjoy 'Om Namaste!' the first release of The Nirmala Project which will be available for free on youtube, spotify, apple music and other platforms.

Do enjoy 'Om Namaste!' the first release of The Nirmala Project which will be available for free on youtube and all bigger music platforms.

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