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Music that makes you feel the oneness of the world.

All cultures of the world are flowers, branches and fruits of the same tree of life. They are different but contribute essentially to the same beauty that is humanity. The founders and deities of the religions of the world have expressed love, brother (sister) hood and self- knowledge as the essence of their teachings. If they are one family: why shouldn’t we be?

The Viennese music group “OneTree" creates and performs music devoted to enhance cultural understanding and to elevate hearts and minds. OneTree's compositions are built on ancient prayers and poems from all over the world.


Embark yourself on an heartfelt journey through the world of spirituality, its religions and poetry. OneTree’s music is meditative and deep yet powerful, joyful and light. The band itself describes its music as “Spiritual Heart Music”.

Stream and download 'The Inner Kingdom' the bands debut album of 2013

Musicians: Ronald Subkus - Harmonium, Voice // Eva Maria Neubauer – Viola, Voice// Michael Paul - Guitar // Karl Breitenseher - Tabla, Percussion // Ruslan Pashynkyi - Bamboo flute, saxophone, piano

!! The NEW Album 'The Inner Kingdom' OUT NOW!! :-)
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